One Good Reason

"Give me one good reason I should vote for you."

1 Congress is too partisan. Republicans and Democrats are more likely to work with an Independent than each other. Voting in the only Independent candidate in the House will help spark communication.

2 I am running on the Democratic platform and will continue to support legislation introduced by the Democratic party. You can vote against Diana DeGette knowing you will still have a Representative who holds your values.

3 I will NOT make fundraising calls while in Washington. All Congressmen and women spend half their time making donation calls rather than working in Capitol Hill. I will spend all of my time working for legislation we all want.

4 You have a unique opportunity to end gerrymandering. Denver is a safe district, drawn to ensure victory by creating a single candidate race. Voting out Diana DeGette will forever alter how districts are drawn and give voters a choice.

Spoiler Vote

"Voting for you will give the Republican candidate a chance to become elected"

1 Colorado District 1 is a safe seat for the Democratic party and has been for 40 years. It is impossible for Republicans to win. Democrats won the last election 68% to Republicans 27%. Over 80% of all national districts are safe seats.

2 The truth is, political parties choose you, the voter, not the other way around. Gerrymandering, through drawing congressional district lines, has all but eliminated choice in our country.

3 Denver, being a Safe Seat, provides you with a unique opportunity to vote your conscience and not worry about benefiting a Republican candidate. Even if the Democratic candidate lost half of her votes, the Republican candidate would never garner enough votes to win.

I want Democratic Values

"I still want to elect a Democrat, not a Republican or a 3rd Party candidate"

1 I am running on the Democratic Platform and support many of Bernie Sanders goals. When elected, I will vote with the Democratic Party but with a fresh drive that Diana DeGette does not possess.

2 You can think of this general election as another primary for a Democratic candidate. You now have a choice whereas in the past, you had none.

3 Not only will I support the Democratic platform, I will work hard to introduce legislation toward those ends. It is not enough to simply vote with the party, you must also work to get legislation passed.

What's the Catch

"I still don't see what you provide that we don't already have"

1 Let's end Gerrymandering: Gerrymandering matters and it matters a lot. Partisan gerrymandering makes it harder for Democrats to win seats nationally and will return with a vengeance in 2020. Read More

2 End Congressional Fundraising: Both parties pressure our Representatives to take time away from Capitol Hill and make fundraising calls. As an Independent with no ties to either party I am not obligated to raise funds and pledge to refrain from raising funds while in Washington. Read More

3 Term Limits: I will push for and vote for national term limits while in Congress. Diana DeGette voted against term limits when first given the opportunity as a newly elected Congresswoman.